PDFCreator create PDF from any app

download PDFCreator-0_9_9_setup.exe [17MB] version 0.9.9
freeware released Jan 20, 2010
official homepage

After installing PDFCreator simply choose from any application to print to the printer ‘PDFCreator’ and this dialog will popup.

General Settings you can choose Intergrate PDFCreator into shell

Compatibility you can choose PDF 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4. Choose 1.4 if you wish to use 128-bit security options otherwise 1.3 usually suffices.

Shows you the security options. Usually you want to Disallow User to: copy text and images, modify the document, and modify comments.
The User Password is if you wish to require one to view the pdf. Enter an Owner Password twice. This will allow changing the security settings again if needed.

If you look at the document summary it’ll show it was created with PDFCreator using either GNU Ghostscript or AFPL Ghostscript.

f you choose to embed fonts into your pdf in case the person viewing might not have those paticular fonts on their system.

Shows you the security settings for the document.

Addtional Resources: To convert to pdf files or to create pdf files you can try Adobe.

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