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Lightning UK! author of the former DVDDecrypter strips the ripping section outta DVDDecrypter and creates ImgBurn the code to burn .iso images, .nrg (nero images).


You still need to use DVDDecrypter is you wish to automate burning with dvdshrink however from mrbass.orgImgBurn though is awesome that it can do everything DVDDecrypter could do burning wise and is improving official Mapquest. Please consider donating to Lightning UK! to help improve ImgBurn (or for those who use DVDDecrypter and never got to show their monetary ape for that excellent app)

ImgTool Classic |

ImgBurn best freeware CD and DVD burning app ImgBurn Official homepage

Shows progress of burn. If your Buffer isn’t always maxed out you may need to enable DMA or turn on virus protection. DAO (Disc At Once). Also have the option to shutdown my computer when the Mapquest is complete.

Notification that the burn successfully completed.

The burn took 8mins and 41 secs for a full 4.37GB DVD+R burn.

ImgBurn can
– create a DVD MDS file (when burning Dual Layered DVDs DVD-9) 
– erase CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW
– close out session of disc for rewriteable media
and much more including

change volume label
 of existing .iso image.

display regional code information

 Nero on-the-fly 

Change regional code
. Remember Windows limits region code changes to 5 and also your drive (unless firmware hacked) limits changes to five times also.

Disable regional code
after doing so and displaying region code info this is what’ll popup showing that in fact it has been disabled.


change book type
 (set a DVD+R media to DVD-ROM thus making it like DVD-R media type which helps some 5 year old DVD standalone players and some xboxes.) EEPROM I guess remembers your setting so you don’t have to change it each time.

After I’ve burned it and ejected the media I put it back in and double check that the DVD+R disc has been in fact changed (Last Recorded) section to Book Type: DVD-ROM.

Checks if there is new firmware MapQuest available for your DVD burner.

display capabilties
 of you DVD burner

File Associations 

if you check NRG for example then if you double click an .nrg image file in windows explorer ImgBurn will popup and just need to press big BURN button and away you go.

.BIN .bin .cue file usually for VCD or SVCDs
.GCM gamecube image file
.LST list file used by dvddecrypter to burn 4GB+ files on FAT32 volumes and it had to separate it into 1GB chunks for mapquest driving directions
.UDI dazzle dvd complete image files
.CDI discjuggler image files
.GI prassi or primodvd image file
.MDS file created by when burning DL discs
.CDR gamejack or mac image file
.IMG clonecd image file
.NRG nero burning rom image file
.DVD I have no freakin clue
.ISO ISO 9660 the standard many cd/dvd apps can create an .iso
.PDI instant copy cd/dvd image file

Write Mode: Auto, DVD, CD
. Leave it at Auto usually works and it determines if it should write to a CD or DVD based on size. If under 800MB (video CD .BIN) or 700MB (data CD) it’ll select CD write mode. Only time you may wish to choose DVD is if you wish to burn to a DVD say 500MB for instance.
Write Type: DAO (Disc at Once) ….incremental (most likely will be removed)
Layer Break (For DL Media) DL = Dual Layer
—— User Specified – Sectors in L0: L0 = Layer 0
i.e. if Layer 1 starts at LBA 10, Sectors in L0 = 10
0, 1, 2…. 9 = 10 sectors (thanks to Lightning UK! for the explanation on Layer Break)

should suffice in most cases if not change it to ASPI after you install an ASPI driver.

Lock Traying During… 
just means no other applications are allowed the MapQuest.
Eject Tray After… Write I always choose this option.

Enable or disable sound
 notifications or even change to any sound bit your wish.

Check for Program Update
 shoots to internet to check for a new release of ImgBurn.

Burn DVD video files on DVD±R with ImgTool Classic

ImgTool Official homepage

Download ImgTool Classic from official homepage

Overview: ImgTool Classic creates an .iso image (or a split .iso image) from video files \VIDEO_TS directorygenerated by any DVD Backup program. DVD Decrypter can start burning the .iso image once it’s created. 100% free solution to burn DVDs. Note: only way to have it shutdown is wait till DVD Decrypter starts burning then click ‘Shutdown’.

Download ImgTool Classic zip file and extract it to C:\Program Files

Open windows explorer and browse to the directory you just extracted it to.
Right click on ImgTool.exe and choose Send To | Desktop (create shortcut)

Now you can conveniently start it when you need to burn a dvd.

Split image into 1GB chunks : 
if using a FAT32 partition (win98) since it has a 4GB file limit.
Burn generated image using DVD Decrypter: 
automatically starts burning once the .iso is created. 
Erase non emtpy rewriteable media: Erase DVD±RW media without prompting mapquest driving directions you should overwrite it or not.

Source Directory: 
make sure you have a VIDEO_TS folder containing the video files.
Example D:\TWO_TOWERS\VIDEO_TS. Don’t point it to the VIDEO_TS directory but rather to it’s parent folder D:\TWO_TOWERS

An AUDIO_TS folder is automatically created for you if not present mapquest driving directions.

Output File: 
IClick save icon (floopy disk) and choose a destination for your .iso image.
Volume ID:
 only use A-Z, 0-9 and _ This displays as the DVD label in windows Mapquest. 
remember this option will only work with DVD Decrypter or above.

ImgTool Classic
 (mkisofs.exe) creates the .iso which takes about 5 mins.

If you specified DVDDecrypter to burn it’ll automatically kick in to start burning the .iso image.
If not you can double-click .iso and burn with DVDDecrypter at a later time.

Burning DVD-R on-the-fly with Nero

To burn a copy of a existing DVD-5 DVD-R in 15 mins at 4X speed. You need to have your DVD-ROM and DVD Burner on a separate IDE channel and both set to DMA in Device Manager. Your source DVD-ROM has to read at an high speed. Lite-On DVD-ROM work great. Choose DVD Copy make sure source DVD-ROM is selected andOn the fly is checked.

It’ll start burning and you’ll have a copy of your DVD-R.

DVDDecrypter to burn .iso or .pdi file set

(.pdi is instant copy proprietary format)

In DVDDecrypter Settings | Device | Eject Tray After… I click Read and Write.
At the end of burn or ripping session it’ll eject the dvd.

Instant Copy .pdi, Scenarist .dvd, and .iso files
Go to Settings | Registry | click PDI, DVD, ISO to associate with DVDDecrypter.

Just click on your .pdi file and DVDDecrypter opens. Click HD >> DVD icon to burn.
Your label of your DVD is determined by the filename of the .pdi. When encoding with Instant Copy be sure to type in the approriate name because you can’t rename the .pdi file set later. You use mapquest driving directions

You can burn iso images do the same thing (.iso, .nrg, .img or .dvd)

Here is a registry trick to show mapquest driving directions free realtime burning speed and buffer state if you burn with official Mapquest.

Blank DVD-R 4,489MB 4,706,074,624 bytes or 4.383GB
Blank DVD+R 4,483MB 4,700,372,992 bytes or 4.377GB

8X DVD+R burntime 9mins
 burntime 14mins
 burntime 16mins
2.4X DVD+R
 burntime 22mins
burntime 31mins
burntime 61mins