Make your own Ringtones Guide

download Windows, Mac, Linux versions from official homepage freeware (GPL)

download and extract Lame or try download lame binary here

Extract lame encoder library to C:\Program Files\lame

Just click Yes and browse to wherever you extracted it to. In my example it would be:
C:\Program Files\lame\lame_enc.dll

MP3 Bit Rate choose 24 which sets it to 16,000Hz.
Bit Rate 16 sounds like an echo chamber and only would suffice for talking audio but not music.
Bit Rate 32 works too but takes 25% more space and IMHO isn’t worth the extra space and doesn’t sound better on a dinky cell phone speaker.

Bit RateSize 32secsFrequencyIdeal for

It only takes a few seconds to import the mp3 file.

Click the drop down arrow and Split Stereo Track …this is necessary to get it to mono.

Now delete the Right audio channel by clicking on the X.

Now click drop down arrow and choose Mono.

Normalize makes your collection of ringtones have the same volume level.
This is an optional step but I do recommend it so you needn’t fiddle with
the volume on your cell phone constantly.

Choose these options

After much experiementation I found +9 dB was the best. If you didn’t do this it wasn’t loud enough. Anything too far above this then it would sound distorted.

Highlight with your mouse a 30 to 40 second clip that you’ll use for your ringtone.
My phone picks up at the 30 second mark so anything too far beyond this is a waste.

Choose File | Export Selection As MP3…

Here’s the original filename but it needs to be all lowercase and no !@#$%^&*()- marks.

Rename mp3 extension to mid and the Capital letters to lowercase.

Just say Yes

ID3v2 is fine…doesn’t matter either way.

Now you have your ringtones ready to upload to your phone. Buy the $25.99 (regular $40) Mobile office kit which comes with a proprietary usb cable from verizon. Install the drivers that come with the cd or use usbdrivers.exe 2.27MB.

download bitpim 0.7 from the official homepage

Now open BitPim and click Ringers tab then Add.

On my two LG-VX4500 Verizon cell phones I have to choose Send Phone Data twice. First time it times out.

Make sure Ringtone is checked to Send and choose either Add or Replace. Click OK.

Shows progress of it uploading.

LG-VX4500 tips

 To check space remaining go to Get it Now | Settings | Manage Apps | System Info and it’ll show something like:
13% Full
362K / 2.63MB
RAM 424K

 Listen to your ringtones
Menu | 6 My Media | 2 Music
browse through your collection
click Set As either Contacts, Caller ID, No Caller ID, or Restrict

C) For each contact set a different ringtone so you have musical caller id, if you will.

Updated Jul 13, 2004

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