Newbie Guide to Nintendo DS Lite

Currently white, black or pink are the only Nintendo DS Lite colors available in America.

The DS Lite is a handheld portable gaming system with a touch stylus with dual screens that came out in March 2006 in the U.S. It’s smaller and brighter than the previous Nintendo DS which came out about a year before that. Nintendo is cranking out over 2.5 million of these DS Lite units per month.

In Japan I was able to pick up a pink, lite blue DS Lite and over here in the states picked up a white and black DS Lite as well. They cost $129 at walmart, bestbuy, circuit city, etc. In Japan they cost about $20 more.

What else is cool about it. Has built-in microphone and headphone jacks. DS Lite has built-in wireless so you can play a few multi-player games like Mario Kart and Tetris and compete against each other. Also if you have a wireless router at home you can play a few of the games over the internet with a few games.

Battery takes about 3 hours to charge and LED light changes from green to red when it hits about 30%. It has four steps of brightness on step 1 (lowest) expect between 15 to 19 hours of play and on step 4 (brightness) expect 5 to 8 hours of play. Initially you should fully charge it before using and anytime it hasn’t been used in quite some time.

Best Nintendo DS Games

These are the best Nintendo DS games in my opinion. All with screenshots

No, not just those those above, but rather a bunch of them.
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Best Japanese Nintendo DS Games

These are the best Japanese Nintendo DS games in my opinion. All with screenshots

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Nintendo DS Games Nintendogs

These are the Nintendogs Nintendo DS games list each dog of each of the five titles.

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List of All Nintendo DS Games

These are the cover art for all available Nintendo DS Games with 99 games per page.

0001 – 0099 Nintendo DS Games
0100 – 0199 Nintendo DS Games
0200 – 0299 Nintendo DS Games
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2000 – 2099 Nintendo DS Games
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2200 – 2299 Nintendo DS Games
2300 – 2399 Nintendo DS Games
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2500 – 2599 Nintendo DS Games

Best Korean Nintendo DS Games

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Best Homebrew Nintendo DS Games and Apps

The DS Homebrew community is growing and developers are programming even better quality releases.

Hardware needed for Nintendo DS Lite

1) Purchase a Acekard for $35 and about $8 shipping. (came out July 2008)
This is a slot 1 so it’s no longer necessary to firmware flash your Nintendo DS Lite. Just stick the Acekard with a microSD memory card and your good to go.

It comes with a mini microSD USB flash reader so you can copy files to it off your computer. Here is the official homepage for it. I comes in a black case same size as a Nintendo DS game cartridge. Comes with a blue plastic key chain holder which holds 2 game cartridges and a microSD USB card reader.

2) Purchase a 4GB or 8GB microSDHC card. 4GB microSD cards are about $15 from newegg + $5 shipping or 8GB microSDHC about $35. Note: prices are from Aug 2008 and may change. List of 4GB and 8GB microSDHC memory cards and on

How to use Acekard 2

You can download the latest firmware from the official homepage or from
Just unzip the acekard firmware zip file and copy contents to the root of your microSD card using the supplied microSHDC USB card reader. akmenu4.nds will be in your root while _ak2 folder contains cheats, skins, etc.

Now copy clean NDS games on to the microSD card, no patching is required as was the case before with slot-2 devices. Make sure you always leave about 24MB free on the memory card. and 48 file game saves (512KB x 48 = 24MB). Insert microSD card into acekard and stick it in your slot-1 on your DS and away you go.

Skins I don’t like ones that make it hard to read the game files (that would be 99% of the skins). These are my favorite 184KB. Put them in _ak2/ui/ directory.

Leopard, Zelda Official, Pipboy 3000 (modified game text to white)black (comes with firmware, Leopard (not shown)

Acekard how to use:

Main Menu:

A Yes/Start/OK
B No/Back/Cancel
Y View file info
X Cheat Menu
L Back to parent directory
R Set Brightness: 1/2/3/4
START Open Start Menu
SELECT List style: Animate/Number

Patch Options:

DS Download Play Enabled / Disabled
Soft-Reset – Enabled / Disabled (L+R+down+A+B)
Autorun – Enabled / Disabled (don’t enable this, game loads at start)
Cheat/Action Replay – Enabled / Disabled
Cheat DB File – Cheats.xml (for instance)

System Options

Interface Theme (change to desired skin)
Interface language – Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Italy, Spanish , Japanese and German.
Brightness – 1,2,3 or 4
Show files(s) of type – NDS, NDS+SAV, ALL
Trim ROM when copying – Enabled/Disabled

Advanced Settings (System Options)
Show Hidden Files – Enabled/Disabled
ROM Name in List – Normal, Hide ROM Ext., Internal Name
Scroll Speed – Fast, Medium, Slow

With game selected press Y for PropertiesY again ROM info
Setup Rom Info – this is per ROM settings
DS Download Play – Default / Disabled / Enabled
Soft-Reset – Default / Disabled / Enabled
Cheat/Action Replay – Default / Disabled / Enabled / Auto Menu
Saveslot (Default / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6)

With game selected press X for Cheats

Acekard has built-in mp3 ipod clone player. Just put your mp3s anywhere you like on your memory card and it’ll see them all. Just navigate to any mp3 and click it to start Ipod mp3 player (lmp-ng) For skins see homebrew section.

Use fingers or touch pen is for the most part self explanatory.
Adjust volume by spinning in a circle.
Tap middle to navigate song mode then spin in a circle.

Volume up/down – R or L trigger (hold)
Navigate song – Dpad R or R & L trigger (hold)
Next song – A
Previous song – Y
Pause – B
Menu – Dpad L or X
Select – Lock buttons

Best Nintendo DS Browser

0506 – Nintendo Browser Japanese.
0591 – Nintendo Browser Europe can read Japanese web sites but no Japanese input.

These you can’t use unless you buy one of them that comes with a Slot-2 8MB memory card and also requires a wireless internet router. I have the Japanese version and I use both of them. It’s still a pretty slow browsing experience and it’s more of a cool factor than a practical one. Official Ninteno DS Browser homepage

Best Nintendo DS Game Sites


Release lists

Game Ratings / Reviews

Best Seller Lists

Here’s my old page with Supercard microSD and miniSD
along with how to flash your nintendo DS Lite.

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