Newbie Guide to Nintendo DS Lite

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Currently white, black or pink are the only Nintendo DS Lite colors available in America.

The DS Lite is a handheld portable gaming system with a touch stylus with dual screens that came out in March 2006 in the U.S. It’s smaller and brighter than the previous Nintendo DS which came out about a year before that. Nintendo is cranking out over 2.5 million of these DS Lite units per month. In Japan I was able to pick up a pink, lite blue DS Lite and over here in the states picked up a white and black DS Lite as well. They cost $129 at walmart, bestbuy, circuity city, etc. In Japan they cost about $20 more.

What else is cool about it. Has built-in microphone and headphone jacks. DS Lite has built-in wireless so you can play a few multi-player games like Mario Kart and Tetris and compete against each other. Also if you have a wireless router at home you can play a few of the games over the internet with a few games.


Best Nintendo DS Games

These are the best Nintendo DS games in my opinion. All with screenshots

No, not just those two above, but rather a bunch of them.
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List of All Nintendo DS Games

These are the cover art for all available Nintendo DS Games with 99 games per page.
0001 – 0099 Nintendo DS Games
0100 – 0199 Nintendo DS Games
0200 – 0299 Nintendo DS Games
0300 – 0399 Nintendo DS Games
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0600 – 0699 Nintendo DS Games
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0800 – 0899 Nintendo DS Games

Hardware needed for Nintendo DS Lite

1) Purchase a M3 DS Simply for $45 and about $7 shipping. (just came out mid January 2007)
This is a slot 1 so it’s no longer necessary to firmware flash your Nintendo DS Lite. Just stick the M3 DS Simply with a microSD memory card and your good to go. It comes with a mini microSD USB flash reader so you can copy files to it off your computer. Here is the official homepage for it. I comes in a black case same size as a Nintendo DS game cartridge. Also has a white case if you wish to change it. Comes with a blue plastic keychain holder which holds 2 game cartridges and a microSD USB card reader.

2) Purchase either a 1GB or 2GB microSD card. I like the Transcend 2GB for $40 from newegg + $5 shipping or you can get a couple of 1GB memory cards for $12/each. Note: prices are from Feb 6, 2007 and may change. List of microSD memory cards on

How to use M3 DS Simply

You can download the lastest firmware from the official homepage or my mirror 4.3MB

Just unzip the and copy contents to the root of your microSD card using the supplied microSD USB card reader. _DS_MENU.DAT which is about 1.2MB is the firmware. Now copy clean NDS games on to the microSD card, no patching is required as was the case before with slot-2 devices. Insert microSD card into M3 DS Simply and stick it in your slot-1 on your DS and away you go.

L trigger adjusts brightness on screen (4 levels) or just tap sun mini icon.
R trigger changes R circle button green (soft reset enabled) or red (soft reset disabled) L+R and X+Y+A+B to reset.
Select button toggles showing hidden files.

1.02 now comes with moonshell you can play mp3s and it works pretty nice for those without an iPod I suppose. Only negative thing is it doesn’t do recursive directories. Put all you mp3’s in one directory.

Moonshell MP3 controls

X and Y increase volume up to 400%.

Touch very bottom of screen with blue line to jump quickly to any point of the song.

Touch text MusicNext and you can change to one of the following modes:
Stop, OneRepeat, NormalLoop, NormalPowOff, ShuffleLoop, ShufflePowOff, End PowOFF

R trigger changes to the next song
L trigger pauses / unpauses
closing the lid (by default setting can be changed to power off) keeps playing. This is really nice as you can use headphones and play it. You must open it though to click R trigger to skip to the next song.

Viewing Photos (bmp, jpg, etc.)
A button views photos
B button exits / to go back
R trigger to navigate to next photo in directory
L trigger to navigate to previous photo in directory

Best Nintendo DS Game Sites


Release lists

Game Ratings / Reviews


Order M3 DS Simply USA (NJ)

Here’s my old page with Supercard microSD and miniSD
along with how to flash your nintendo DS Lite.

Updated Feb 06, 2007