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Download FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official)

FM Whatsapp is a modded version of original WhatsApp with advanced privacy control settings as you can download APK’s Latest Version v 8.86 (Official) from below. Amongst plethora of features, contact online toast is in-built in this application allows to view active online popup of your friends whenever they come online. As you here to Download FM Whatsapp’s APK only the Latest Version v 8.86 (Official), you can dig out Updated features like hiding chats, saving contact’s status, stop receiving messages you seem to appear as offline, as you can control airplane mode now.

Highlights For Downloading the FM Whatsapp ours APK up Latest Version v 8.86 (Official) :

  • Save any person’s Status, Stories which are deleted are visible.
  • View and Save any Contact’s story Invisibly .
  • Shows Blue Ticks only after you reply.

We are ready to give a walk through on procedure to Download the FMWhatsapp APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official) as it is modified Whatsapp which has improved privacy controls. FM Whatsapp needs no presentation because you can download FM Whatsapp same APK Latest Version 8.86 (Official) and used by billions of people in the world.

What is FM Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp is developed by third party Whatsapp MOD with security enhancement settings. It is developed by a third party, not by the developers of the official website. As we have discussed earlier regarding Download of FM Whatsapp similar APK to the Latest Version v 8.86 from Official, it can be used as run 2 WhatsApp numbers in one device . Now You can Download all FM Whatsapp APKs whereas Latest Version 8.86 has been Officially working with every android device after installation.

App NameFM Whatsapp
Latest Version16.0.0
RequirementAndroid 4.0+
File Size52.03 MB
Last UpdatedJune 6th, 2021

How to Download FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official):


Here We shall guide you step by step procedure to Download any FM Whatsapp in APK else the Latest Version 8.86 (Official).

  • First, open your computer and connect to the internet.
  • Open the web browser and go to mrbass.org.
  • User can now start to Download below FM Whatsapp APK now as the Latest Version v 8.86 will be Official directly from the below link.
  • Click on above button to Downloads one FM Whatsapp correct APK goes with Latest Version no. 8.86 starts automatically.
  • Note that always get the latest version.
  • Now you need to downloaded FM Whatsapps APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official).
  • If the your download process is not initiated, check for older versions of Download FM Whats apps APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official).
  • To Install on your android and now you can follow the below description.

Note : Older Versions of Download most FM Whats app’s APK of Latest Version to 8.86 as the Official can also be downloaded here on your phone

Installation :

After completion of Download often FM Whatsapp own APK same Latest known Version v 8.86 (Official), continue to install the app. Here follow the steps given below to install the app on your device.

  • Hope you have downloaded this FM Whatsapp to APK Latest Version upon 8.86 by Official, Tap on the installation button.
  • After FM Whatsapp download is done, search for the file in your smartphone.
  • Open device settings, then go to the Security and tap on it.
  • Now the “Unknown sources” button should be enabled and allow installation from both trusted and unknown sources..
allow installer to trust unknown sources
Download their FM Whatsapp APK too Latest Version via 8.86 Official
  • After setup is done, you will see that the popup on the top of your screen.
  • Now you have to log in your phone number it will ask for a 6 digit verification code.
  • Once you enter your phone number, you will get a 6 digit code.
Once you type your phone number, you will receive a six digit code.
Download through FM Whatsapp that APK has Latest Version be the 8.86 (Official)
  • After entering your OTP, automatically verification process will complete within few seconds.
  • The validation is completed now.
  • Open FM Whatsapp its APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official).

How To Transfer From Whatsapp

You can switch it easily without losing previous chats and even a single contact also. You can back up your chat history it includes voice and video calls. By this, users can secure the data easily. Now follow the steps mentioned below. Hope you have Download even FM Whatsapp with APK yet Latest Version on 8.86 Official on your android device.

  • First, to back up your chat, open Settings, Go to the “Chats” and tap on Chat Backups and the process starts. This backup will be done to restore the messages.
  • After a successful Back-Up, go to your File Manager.
  • Download FM Whatsapp within APK under Latest Version so 8.86 (Official), so that change the names of folders inside the media.
  • After downloading same APK , you can install it as mentioned in the above steps.
  • After installation, enter your number, you will get an OTP to your number, enter the OTP.
  • Now it will ask to do a back up the chat conversations and touch on the “backup button”.
Backup and restore messages and tap on the "backup".
Download similar FM Whatsapp plus APK needs Latest Version much v 8.86 (Official)
  • Restore your messages and media from your phone’s internal storage.
  • After transferring chats and media, Now set your Names and Display the Picture.
  • Note that you can install the app on android devices only, as iOS its incompatible.


As We had I will have an in-depth discussion on updated features after downloading FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official) till now. If you have not yet downloaded the apk file , Download our FM Whatsapp needs APK for Latest Version only 8.86 put the Official and we let you know the updates and functionalities whenever its updated.

Control AirPlane Mode : When it comes to the speciality, you can disconnect, even when your mobile internet or wifi in On. You’ll appear offline when you turn on this mode . So that you don’t receive any messages until you turn on or off.

Dark Mode : You can enable Dark mode easily. Just Click on Activate Dark Mode in just 1 click. So that your background remains dark until you deactivate it.

Online toast : This was the distinctive thing ever have you seen ie., If online toast option is disabled. So you can also activate it by Clicking on ” Enable Contact online Toast”, you’ll be notified when your contact is online

Freeze your last seen: Sometimes, we will be worried about our last scene and we don’t want to let people know our last seen, so disable it. There is an option to turn off the last seen. It allows you to see other people’s last seen while others won’t be able to see your last seen. To enable it, by clicking three dots of account settings, now tap on Fouad mods> Privacy> Freeze last seen. Toggle the switch and restart the application for changes to take effect.

Scheduler : I would like to Point up on “Message Scheduler”. You need to click on Schedule a Message, Then Enter Contact name and Enter the text you want to send. Choose the date and time exactly to send, and Click on “Schedule”.

Self Destructive Message : You need to activate self destructive functionality first. As soon as the person reads your msg, it will automatically be deleted for both of you.

Customized Emoji Variants : You can Change Emoji Variants and create your emojis and send it to your loved ones.

Rooms : You can create or join the room with your friends and family members. When you click on Room, you see a popup, “Continue in Messenger to create a Room” .

Hide After viewing: It helps people who have posted stories on their status won’t be able to know that you are viewing. By enabling this, we can watch other people’s stories posted without knowing them.

Show blue ticks after Reply: After receiving a text, we will read it. But now your contact person only view blue color label when you only respond to his msg, but not only when you view.

Ping anyone without saving number: You can now send a texts , voice, or even a video call to any person without actually saving his/her number.

Disable forwarded tag on messages: If you forward a message, it will indicate to others that it was forwarded. But now you can toggle switch on to the feature and this allows you to resend it without Forward tag.

Stop showing Typing and recording action text: It allows you to Stop showing the indicator that you’re typing or recording an audio. So you can take a long time to reply.

Anti delete : If someone sends a text and deleted it after receiving it, this anti delete option have ability to read the deleted message too

Anti-delete status: If someone posts a story on and deletes it after it is posted. In this case, you will be able to see download stories even after they delete them.

High Quality Media : Send your photos in best quality. Send upto 100 million pixels in 100% percent image quality.

Apply Themes : Users can opt for FMthemes. There are different styles of theme to implement of your choice to change its appearance and look.

Voice Changer : Send your audio by changing your voice. You can customise voices that you would like to send and prank your friends with fake voices.

Make Stickers : Send stickers and emojis to your friends based to express your emotion. Also many sticker packages are available to download it for free in Telugu, Hindi & Kannada. Animated stickers are also now available in Telugu, Hindi , Tamil and Kannada languages too.

  • Color Customisation : You can change color of the Backgrounds, UI, Action bar, nav bar, navigation bar of every screen.
  • Hide Media From Gallery : Hide Photos, Videos and other media files showing in the Gallery.
  • Migrate Data : You can move your complete Data at any place of your choice.
  • Style and UI : Customize Style of Home UI, Stories Style. You can also set your name instead of app name in the Home Screen.
  • Disable Status Line completely under your name in the profile section of the application.
  • Enable instagram Like Stories : You can also replace nav bar with separate chats and groups chats

Protection : Enable Pattern or Password to Lock your chats to hide your conversations from other people. You also can switch on/off pattern vibration and also pattern visibility.

Who Can call Me? : Here you can customize your preference that who can call you like Everyone or only contacts or No one.

Bubble and Ticks: You can choose your chat bubble style with different backgrounds and shapes. Change the text size and surprise your friends. Yes..!! Now you can change the text size of your too.

Remove date and name of contact: Disable the date and name of contact when you had conversation with the other person.

Hope We have provided every detailed Information on how to Download other FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official), Which makes you job easy. If you have any Frequently asked questions, please check below.


Can I Download FM Whatsapp new APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official) here itself ?

There are several direct download links to Download only FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version v 8.86 (Official) on the internet, so follow the steps given below.
1.First, you should open your computer and connect to the internet.
2.Now open the browser and go to mrbass.org.
4.You can Download FM Whatsapp the APK mainly Latest Version like 8.86 (Official) & save APK File in your android.
5. After Download its FM Whatsapp all APK comes Latest Version besides 8.86 (Official) is completed, start installation process as explained above.

How can I freeze my last scene?

To freeze the last scene you should enable privacy settings.

Can I save contact status in my phone ?

Yes, you can happily save unlimited photos and videos using Saver.

How can I Back up and restore WhatsApp chats without loss ?

Yes, you can get your history back. Post completion of installation, click on the backup it takes few minutes to get your data.

How To Download & Use FM Whatsapp APK being Latest Version each 8.86 (Official) ?

First Download FM Whatsapp lets APK till Latest Version v 8.86 (Official) and Start using just like a normal messenger chat app.

What’s New in FM Whatsapp APK still the Latest Version is v 8.86 (Official) ?

By Downloading an FM Whatsapp APK along Latest Version v 8.86 (Official), you can has tremendous benefits every user can experience online privacy.

Can I use 2 different accounts of same chat app on single mobile ?

Yes..!! You can happily set up dual WhatsApp accounts on a single device.

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