Online DVD Rentals

Comparing a few of the most popular online dvd rental services.
Note… links contain NO referral links so I have nothing to gain recommending one over another.
Netflix is Duran Duran, no.. no.. notorious, for offering great availibility when you first sign up and gradually limiting availibility to new releases. But comparing them to blockbuster they offer a greater wide-range of DVDs.
They have around 30 distribution centers. Various reports on netflix reside on Netflix Tracker.
Lastest news surrounding Netflix and Blockbuster can be found on such as Netflix partnering with TIVO to offer downloadable movies in the future.

Above shows Netflix’s avalibility which is pretty good. Is it just due to the fact I’m a new customer to Netflix perhaps (used different email and mailing address to sign up).
Blockbuster does have quite a collection of new dvd releases and “says” it should have 23 distribtion centers and 30,000 titles (about same as Netflix’s DVD inventory) around beginning of 2005. Plus you get two e-coupons per month for free local in-store movie or game rentals. Ironically local blockbuster’s have $25 (about $10 more) for unlimited rentals. Below shows Blockbuster’s availability, pretty impressive for new titles.
Walmart’s avalibility. Based on this alone I wouldn’t choose walmart if your hoping of viewing some new dvd releases. Also with it’s 12 distribution centers it’s not as efficient in turn around time as it’s competitors.

Screenshots were taken Dec 24, 2004 to give an general idea of new dvd release availibility.

Pricing as of Dec 24, 2004
2 at a time $11.99 ratio-6.00 4 rentals/month
3 at a time $17.99 ratio-6.00 unlimited
5 at a time $29.99 ratio-6.00 unlimited
8 at a time $47.99 ratio-6.00 unlimited
3 at a time – $14.99 ratio-5.00 unlimited
5 at a time – $27.49 ratio-5.50 unlimited
8 at a time – $37.49 ratio-4.69 unlimited
Plus two e-coupons/month for free in-store movie or game rentals

2 at a time $15.54 ratio-7.77 unlimited
3 at a time $17.36 ratio-5.79 unlimited
4 at a time $21.94 ratio-5.49 unlimited

4 at a time $19.99 ratio-5.00 unlimited
6 at a time $29.99 ratio-5.00 unlimited
8 at a time $36.99 ratio-4.62 unlimited

2 at a time $19.99 ratio-10.00 unlimited
3 at a time $24.99 ratio-8.33 unlimited
4 at a time $29.99 ratio-7.50 unlimited
5 at a time $35.99 ratio-7.20 unlimited

2 at a time $14.95 ratio-7.48 unlimited
3 at a time $21.95 ratio-7.32 unlimited
4 at a time $27.95 ratio-6.99 unlimited
5 at a time $33.95 ratio-6.79 unlimited
8 at a time $49.95 ratio-6.24 unlimited
10 at a time $59.95 ratio-6.00 unlimited

Ones to Avoid IMHO and based on public comments
(I’m entitled to it..don’t threaten to sue me) – a plethora of horror stories – innovative?…pleaseee don’t insult my intelligence – availability blows – edited for content, personally tried couldn’t get any popular title to ship at all

Online Game Rentals
October 2004 PC Magazine Article
Seems like wins if you live on the westcoast plus has game controls listed which assists when you aren’t in possession of the manual. For example Prince of Persia: Warrior Within controls listed.

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