Whatsapp Plus APK Download Latest v18.4 2022 [Updated]

Whatsapp Plus is a modified messenger with many added features of the original Whatsapp. Well, the functionalities include hiding online status, Encrypt and filtering messages, Voice calls, hiding blue ticks on messages, sharing unlimited videos, and many more options that excite you. Here our website provides you the Latest version which was released recently with the updated features about the app, which you may not find it anywhere.

Whatsapp Plus APK latest version
Whatsapp Plus APK latest version

Whatsapp Plus

Using this messenger app, communicate with any person in the world seamlessly. Note that Users frequently should download & update the app for enhancement of user experience. It’s highly secured and more used than other messaging applications. One can enjoy this modified version with Zero investment. This app is safe, quick, and more responsive to chats. Moving on, We shall Explain to you how to download and install the app easily with the download link.

Whatsapp Plus APK Download

I have known the intention behind your presence, we shall completely fulfill your requirements. Follow the below-mentioned download process to utilize all the updated features.

  • Click on the below mentioned download link.
  • Tap on the APK File.
  • Click on the link and wait for few seconds, until the App is downloaded.
  • You need to Download and Locate the APK File in your folder.
  • Now Click on the “unknown source” on your device settings to enable it.
Download WhatsApp Plus APK Directly from the below link
  • After that , complete installation process on Android Device
  • You will receive 4 digit OTP on your phone for verification.
  • Type the OTP and complete the verification process.
  • Click on Whatsapp Plus icon.
  • Open app in your phone.

Note : Users frequently should update the app

Procedure For Whatsapp Plus APK Download

Without losing previous chat conversations and contacts, you can migrate from Old Whatsapp easily. Initially, you need to back up the chat history on your phone. So that you may not lose any previous chats. Backup the data is easy, and this is a secured technique. The following are the simple steps that will help you to know the procedure to Migrate to Whatsapp Plus From Old Whatsapp

  • Back up the previous chat history for security purposes.
  • Select 3 dots in top right corner, Select Chats >> Chat backup >> Chat backup
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Select 3 dots in top right corner, Select Chats >> Chat backup >> Chat backup
  • Now, the auto backup of your media and chats will be encrypted in Google drive.
  • After completing APK file On Android.
  • , Enter your phone number along with country code.
  • Enter 6-digit code and complete phone verification with SMS/Call option.
Type 6-digit code to complete phone verification with SMS or Call option
  • Restore your backup data by tapping on the “Restore button”
  • Depends upon the size of the data the restoration process will be done.
  • Open app in your phone

Whatsapp Plus APK Features

You can enjoy more options like Encrypt and filter messages, Voice calls, hide blue ticks on messages, share unlimited Videos and so many. Let us discuss the detailed Whatsapp Plus APK Features.

  • Hide online status: Now hide your online status, which means you can browse ap without someone seeing you online. you can hide your “typing” status also with the help of hide double ticks, blue ticks, as well as your last seen status message.
  • Themes: Choosing new impressive themes which are in XML format and emojis you can change the look of your App. You can apply these themes according to the mode selected on your device. This is added advantage for the older version. There are more than 700 themes, you can sort them by name, version, and date.
  • Proximity sensor: By enabling or disabling this option, you can make a control on voice notes and audio modes.
  • Disable output switching: Speakers and earphones, the sounds will be controlled while playing a video or audio.
  • Restore theme: This option lets you completely restore the settings of the theme which you applied to the chant and make it look like the original one again.
  • Widgets: It involves adjusting the appearance of the widget. Basically, it lets you change the background colors of the widget, the contact name, and its status. By clicking on these options you can activate or deactivate the widgets.
  • Sticker Packs: You can get cool stickers you can fly to your friends. Keep yourself updated on the trending stickers, so you always have the latest cool stickers. You can also make your own sticker packs if you don’t find what you like, and all you have to do is the sticker maker from the site.
  • Emoticons: In general, make our conversation more emotional and real. But this App has added more emoticons to its collection. It has added the emoticons of Google Hangouts for better communication will be done by using these emoticons which are available in Google Hangouts. Only can view the emoticons. If you send an emoticon and the receiver has the original App, then new emoticons will not show in the message.
  • App lock: To make it more secure your app, you can set a password. You can set a password as pattern, pin, or finger touch. Whenever you don’t require a password you can make it invisible by tapping on the same button.
  • Recovery Question: If anyone forgot their password, it asks for the recovery questions for verification. Enter the correct answer to recover your pin.
  • Recent FAQs: You can check the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. With these reviews, one can judge the functionality, advantages, and disadvantages of the app.
  • Remove your Profile Picture: By activating this option, in the conversation screen, you can remove your profile picture. Simply click on the same button to make visible your profile picture to the chats.
  • File sharing: There is a facility to change the file size and send the files 2 to 50MB. More than 90 pictures can be sent at a time with your contact members. Can record and send large audio, video clips. You can adjust the file limit on settings.
  • Flight mode: In this application, we can activate the DND mode which is not available on the default one. Now turning on flight mode helps to stop receiving and sending messages, calls even though when your mobile has connected to the Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Customize your interface: You can change the chatting screen and color of text and media notifications. Select Header as well as contact name color,put custom wallpaper, change the size of the message.
  • Wallpapers: Another highlight of this wonderful app is its unlimited Wallpaper. Everyone loves to set unique wallpapers on their screen and also you can set amazing wallpaper on your chat screen. Change your screen background by using an amazing variety of wallpapers through browsing the web.
  • Updates on the app: In the settings options you may find the updates option, with this you can check the new changes with this app. By using the internet web updates can be checked.
  • Floating Action Button(FAB): There is a FAB button with a + symbol on the conversations tab. From here, you can change the color of the background, color, and various additional adjustments. You can configure its appearance and behavior.
  • Auto-reply messages: At a time one message can be sent to multiple chat members and you can remove multiple messages at a time. A clear chat option is used to filter the messages. Can check the revoked messages from your contacts and groups. Can set unseen messages after reading the conversation. You can send the stickers
  • Privacy and security: You can set a password before opening the Application, it gives more security. Additionally, the logs and history helps to enables you to track down your chat activities.
  • Space Cleaner: Using Space Cleaner , you can clear the memory space by deleting the entire chat history at a time.
  • Font and style: You can customize your favorite font. And choose the different styles like amazing forms, size, and shape of fonts.
  • Turn on chat: This option helps to receive the alert whenever the chat members send a message to you, even though you are engaged in using other applications you can view the message.
  • Custom language: There are more than 10 languages like English, Hindi, Espanol, German, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Bahasa Malaysia, Italian, Portuguese(Brazilian), etc. English has mostly used language among all the chats.
  • Increase forward limit: Can forward up to 300 messages to your chats. Your messages will be banned if you exceed the limit.
  • Notifications: Whenever your chat members change their profile picture, you will receive a notification message. You can also hide the pop-up notifications from your App settings.
  • Writing status: When you write a message, the app shows multiple dots to indicate you’re typing to the other contact. It will be visible on your screen if someone in your chats is writing the message. Using this, you can hide that fact if you don’t know what to say. You can type and erase as many replies without showing you’ve been attempting to reply for an extended amount of time.
  • Recording status: Like writing status, you can hide your embarrassingly long thinking of recording the messages which you want to share with your chats.
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