YoWhatsapp APK Download Latest [2022]

YoWhatsapp is a Modified original Whatsapp messenger with well optimized controls. According to the technology changes, the modifications become mandatory to meet the needs of the app users. It is an android app, which is a widely popular application with advanced settings when compared to the default chat app. To illustrate the importance, we would like to introduce the app in a popular original whatsapp in recent times alternative from Facebook.

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What’s New:

  • It removes forwarded labels from messages when you re-send it.
  • You Can read your conversation without blue ticks.
  • Stop storing media to your phone gallery.
  • Show status always online even if you are offline.


App NameYo Whatsapp
Latest version v18.40.0
Size35.36 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3 and higher
Last updatedJanuary 2022

Mostly Many geeks like to Use this Yo whatsapp app nowadays. It has updated features like set contact wallpaper, change icons, freeze last seen, contact online notified, change the size of the text, hiding blue ticks after reply, conversation cards, language, and more. We are ready to give a walk-through of this app.

YoWhatsapp Apk

We recommend you to please download the yo whatsapp app. We have given step-by-step instructions to get this app directly.

  • First of all, you need a computer and connect to the internet.
  • Now navigate the browser and go to mrbass.org.
  • Then Users can get direct download button from below.
  • After that tap on above download button then you will see apk file in your downloads folder.
  • Now Users should wait till the APK File will be downloaded completely.

Start installing the app easily with below-mentioned ways. Now have a look at below description which will help you to install it.

YoWhatsapp Latest

  • Once you click on download button automatically download starts.
  • Tap the settings menu, and turn on the security option.
  • You have to enable “Unknown sources” which accepts as trusted and unknown sources.
Allow installing of apps from unknown sources
  • After installation is done, you can log in happily using a valid phone number.
  • Now type your phone number and a verification code will be sent to that number.
  • Enter your 6 digit code without any mistake and complete the verification.

YOWhatsapp Download

Below we have released a blueprint on migration. You will be worried about losing your previous chat conversations. Follow the steps involved to get your history back.

  • To secure your chats you have to back up.
  • Now click on the three dots at the top of the screen.
  • There you will find a settings option click on it.
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Open WhatsApp Settings menu and tap on it
  • After that go to the second option (Chats )and tap on “Chat backup”.
  • Completion of installation, verify with your mobile number and type the code.
  • Now tap on the “restore” button. By selecting apk file you can get your media, call history, chat history, and files back.
  • To complete it takes a few minutes time and it depends on the size of the data.
  • Now you have converted and enjoyed using it.

YoWhatsapp Features:

It is launched as a plethora of updated features like theme stores, set contact wallpaper, change icons, freeze last seen, contact online notifier, change the size of the text, hiding blue ticks after reply, conversation cards, language, etc. We will provide this app explanation on updated Features.

YOThemes store: There are over 4000 themes where you can try and no need to pay any money to them. You can modify this app whenever you get bored through the YOtheme option and it takes only a second time to customize. We can say it is free and enjoy by using them.

Contact online notifier: You can see an alerting message at the top of your screen where your chat member is online. By this, you can easily identify the people who are online and can also text or call immediately.

Status: In Original WhatsApp, you can see the status by sliding to the left side and it will be in the second option. Now in this, the status will be like stories of Instagram and it appears at the top of the screen.

Contact in home screen: It has updated features that help to visible the specific person chat conversation on the home screen. For that, you need to hide the specific chat and click on the more option after that tap on download button. It is very useful and you try clicking on the particular chat.

Airplane mode: In the original whatsApp you don’t have this flight mode option. But in GB Whatsapp app you can see it as DND mode it looks like a wifi icon. Now in this new version, turning on airplane mode helps to stop receiving and sending text messages, calls even though when your mobile has connected to the internet or wifi. Almost like a mobile flight mode.

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Freeze last seen: Mostly, all always worried about the last seen. So, they are willing to hide it. It allows you to see other people’s last seen while others won’t be able to see your last seen. To enable it, by clicking three dots, tap on Yo mods> Privacy> Freeze last seen. Enable the option and restart the app for modifications.

Disable forward messages: In the previous version, if you forward a text or pics it will indicate that, it was forwarded. It allows you to resend the photos or chats without the Forwarding tag.

Who can call me? : Actually, you won’t like to receive a call from unknown numbers. So that, this option will help to reject the unknown calls. You can customize according to your preference like only contacts or everyone or nobody.

Hide view status: It allows people who have posted images or videos on their status won’t be able to know that you are viewing. By enabling this, we can watch other people’s status posted without knowing them.

Anti-delete status: If a user posts a story on the status section and deletes the story after it is posted, by deleting it the story will be deleted and no one can see it. In this, deleted statuses/stories will not be deleted for you and it is clearly visible.

Anti delete messages: Unexpectedly the message was sent to someone and deleted after receiving it. You will see it as “this message was deleted”.But in this, we can see that deleted text also.

Show blue ticks after reply: Sometimes, we will read the received message and forget to reply because of some issue. It has an exciting feature that will help you, as your chat member will only see blue ticks after you reply, but not when you view the chat conversation.

Hide typing and recording action text: It allows you to hide the indicator that you’re typing or recording audio. So you can take a long time to reply.

Hide date and name of contact: While sending a piece of information to someone, you can remove both the date and name of the chat member.

Hide double ticks: When the message was sent to someone who is connected to the internet it shows a double tick after receiving. But it shows only single even though your data is on.

Hide contact profile picture: Sometimes you don’t want to see your contacts picture. Now enable this mod it removes the contact profile picture from the header in the conversation screen.

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Hide media from the gallery: Mostly, people get useless videos or images in group chats. Because of that storage gets filled up and it raises a problem like no internal storage when need to the important docs etc.

Enable always online: Even though if the person is not online by enabling this mode, it shows that you are online.

App language: There are more than 10 languages like English, Hindi, Espanol, German, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Bahasa Malaysia, Italian, Portuguese(Brazilian), etc. Choose your comfortable language.

Ticks style: You can choose your ticks style after sending message to them.

Bubbles style: We can choose a chat bubble style with different backgrounds and shapes. It also modifies the text size of your messages.

Set custom wallpaper per contact: Now you can set the chat wallpaper of a particular person to the particular person like your friends, family members, etc. By that, you can easily identify when you get a message or call from them.

Send videos up to 700 MB: It helps to send videos up to 700 MB easily with good quality and without any disturbance.

Conversation background color: You can customize the background color of the conversation, can set it when there is no wallpaper.

Chat contact pic: We can see their profile picture when they message us and when we message them.

Participant pic: There will be a lot of members in the group and you will be confused about members. It allows seeing a particular person’s pic beside the conversation in the group.

Color customization: You can simply change the color of the background, status bar, navigation bar, action bar on all screens.

Font style modification: Sometimes you get bored of using the same font style. It helps to change the font style according to your need.

Emoji variant: You can Change Emoji Variants while you are chatting and it shows like stock, Facebook, emoji one V3, need to select any one of these. By that, customize your own emojis and send it to your loved ones.

Launcher icons: You can choose your favorite launcher icon it helps to change the color and design of the launcher icon.

Notification icon: This is the icon that will appear in your status bar when you get a notification. It has an option to change the color of this. It’s better to choose the same color as the launcher icon.

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